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Safer spaces guidelines


1. We do not accept discriminatory behaviour in our operations: for example, racism, sexism, discrimination against sexual and gender minorities, homophobia and transphobia, ableism, bullying or harassment. We also require commitment to these principles from our partners, staff, and artists. We are committed to taking reports of and suspicions of discrimination or harassment seriously.

2. We encourage those participating in our activities to be aware of their own privileges, and possible prejudices. We also strive towards this goal in our own operations and decisions. We are committed to promoting equality through our choices. 

3. We communicate the principles of our operations openly, and we are ready to learn, change our ways of working, and apologise, when needed. We gladly receive feedback, development proposals and ideas connected with our activities and communications.

If you personally encounter or witness harassment or inappropriate situations in our activities or events, you can contact any of our staff members, or our harassment contact person, Anni Sundbacka, throughout the activities. You can get in contact with our harassment contact person through any one of our staff members.

These safer spaces guidelines will also be visibly present in our public events.

Contact can also be made afterwards on a confidential basis with a minimal threshold:

We also gladly receive any feedback regarding our operations. You are welcomed to give us feedback via our feedback form, anonymous or with a name.

The association’s harassment contact person is Executive Director Anni Sundbacka ( and, as deputy, Artistic Director Leena Kela ( You may contact either one in Finnish or in English.

Our events, works and performances are recorded with photography and video. The audience might also be visible in the photography and video material.

References for the safer spaces guidelines, thank you to communities and organizations:
Ruskeat Tytöt (Brown Girls)
Culture for All
Non-Discrimination Ombudsman
Ombudsman for Gender Equality