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Tuija Lappalainen (FI)

Tuija Lappalainen: TIME WILL TELL

Sunday 5.9.


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Läntinen tanssin aluekeskus (Manilla) Itäinen Rantakatu 64b, 20810 Turku

Duration: max. 1 hour

We highly recommend that the audience wears a mask in all our events.


TIME WILL TELL is a performance on perception and on ways of being. The work creates a draft from going through different corporeal existences and from becoming moved in the transitions of internal and external structures. In this porous environment, the embodiments of leaking intentions, affections and desires form a weave and questions on the relationship to the surrounding, on the present-moment, on being otherwise and on enabling movement.

There is an effort. There is not. Availability yes. Not-knowing, perhaps. Tuning the questions. Non-reason making. Inside-outside lines fading. Blue light. Feeling real. Window open. Here. Becoming.

Choreography & concept: Tuija Lappalainen

Performance & collaboration: Tuija Lappalainen and Lindon Shimizu

Tuija Lappalainen (s.1986) is a freelance dance artist who works as a dancer, actress and choreographer. She has worked as a performer and choreographer in several productions in the field of dance and theater, and has done her own works as a choreographer in Finland and Germany. Her artistic work is colored by the dialogue between different fields of art and forms of performance and ways of working. Lappalainen is interested in the processes of becoming and embodiment, the leaks of inner worlds of experience and intentions in the porous boundary between self and the surrounding, and the emergence of meanings through the paths of not-knowing and feeling. In her most recent work as a choreographer, Lappalainen has developed a practice related to the performer’s work, in which the study of the performer’s perception and experience of freedom approaches topics about the present and existence in a changing environment.