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Minerva Juolahti (FI)

Minerva Juolahti: surviving by expiration. surviving by letting go

Outdoor performance
Place: Samppalinnanpuisto, Turku (near “Äiti ja lapsi” -statue),
60°26’48.2″N 22°16’08.2″E
Duration: 20 min

5.9. 11:00 (capacity 10 people)
5.9. 12:00 (capacity 10 people)
5.9. 13:00 (capacity 10 people)
5.9. 14:00 (capacity 10 people)

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surviving by expiration. surviving by letting go

A guided practice on expiration.

                      In the park on top of the hill in the middle of the city.

Surviving by expiration.

                      The sound of sighing as the sound of letting go.

A guided practice on sighing.

                      Letting go of the exhaustion.

Shifting the perspective.

                      Letting go of the need to change, consume, control, affect, design.

Letting go by sighing.

                      Doing less as a way to approach the environmental crises.

Doing less as a way of surviving.

Minerva Juolahti (1987, Helsinki) is a visual artist and performance maker working in the intersection of body, sound, and space. Juolahti is interested in how the ideas of space and movement can be approached through the idea of translation, as well as voice and noise as embodied and conceptual phenomenon. Public discussion, affect, memory, and bodily place relationships are recurring themes in their body of work. They work artistically especially with sound performance and use the sounds produced by the body as a starting point in their work. Juolahti’s background is in visual arts, social sciences, and folklore studies. They graduated as Visual Artist from Art School MAA in 2018 and at the moment, Juolahti is finalising their studies in Live Art and Performance Studies master’s programme at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

60°26’48.2″N 22°16’08.2″E