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Jani Petteri Virta (FI)

Jani Petteri Virta: ”mitä myö tehdään nyt” (what are we doin’ now)

Fri, Sep 3 – Sun, Sep 5

Audio performance

Ten (10) piece of audio tracks, all different from each other and gets to be heard for one person only – you. Choose one and listen to it alone during festival.

Audio language: Finnish

Order your audio track HERE.

The audio track will be sent to you by artist.

4 piece of CDs (mail)
2 piece of C-cassettes (mail)
4 piece of mp3-file (e-mail)

The audio track will be sent to you about one week before the festival.
We need your name, phone number and home address for the delivery.
Festival team will send you delivery information after booking.


Jani Petteri Virta’s voice wants to meet you After the Survival. The work ”mitä myö tehdään nyt” is interested in all things excessive: art is not fundamental to survival, it is so called extra, yet that is exactly what makes art so important. Excess, luxury, showing off and passion make life worth living.

“mitä myö tehdään nyt” is perhaps a bit lost but interested in sitting down with you for a while. It believes in overcoming moderateness. Moments of extra are flash-like situations of unexplained and often absurd passion. With his work Jani Petteri Virta wishes to find a fitting path with you – a path where you might meet a blackbird with a top hat.

You get to be you and Jani’s voice participates in the meeting via CD, C-cassette or an electronic file.

Jani Petteri Virta (b. 1977) is a visual artist from Eastern Finland, living and working in Turku. He has made over sixty original performances, and one might call him a legend of contemporary art already. It’s been said that his performances are both thought provoking and entertaining, which suits him well, as he feels comfortable in both worlds: in the world of art school art and in the world of popular culture.
Virta is subordinate and submissive to material conditions, but Virta mainly focuses on matters of dreams and escapistic utopias.