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Antti Tolvi (FI)

Antti Tolvi: Wave touching

Saturday 4.9. 12:50-17:20
Only one person at a time (12 openings).

Sunday 5.9. 10:50-13:00
Only one person at a time (6 openings).

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Duration: 30 min (Wave touching 15 min + waiting and tuning)
Address: Vanha Viinatehdas (Danasali), Manilla / Itäinen Rantakatu 64b, 20810 Turku

Performer will move close to you during the performance.
We highly recommend that the audience wears a mask in all our events.


Wave touching is a new holistic solo concert for solo listener. This meditative piece creates a comprehensive concert/nurture experience by using every possible input channels we have; sound, body, scent, sight, taste, imaginary and more.

Duration of the piece is 15 minute.

Waiting and tuning for the concert happens in a low frequency sonic bed.

Sound artist and composer Antti Tolvi is known as a versatile performer of experimental music and breaker of the boundaries of art.