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Sindri Runudde (SE)

Sindri Runudde: Sälskap

Saturday 9.9. at 18:00
Sunday 10.9. at 15:00
Venue: Aurinkobaletti, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, 20810 Turku
Arrival and accessibility information will be updated at the bottom of the page
Duration: 1hr

Pre-booking is possible, but tickets will also be available at the venue, 15 minutes before the performance.  Pre-bookings here.

The show Sälskap is inspired by the seal-human – an oceanic mythology about a creature that is part seal, part human. With this fictional figure two dancers meet in an imaginary world where the physical body is affected by both homesickness and longing to be elsewhere.

Sälskap is a children’s piece for grown-ups, with great depth for a young audience. a sensory immersion, an underwater world on land, where the audience can see, hear and touch dance. The stage is filled with hand-blown glass pearls, sequins and fake fur. The performance plays with transformation and the possibility of ​​being someone or something else, for example, a seal.

A long time ago all seals lived under water before venturing on land and becoming four legged creatures such as dogs, then they changed their minds and returned to the water once again. This is the reason seals look like swimming dogs.

In a melancholic atmosphere in which we have lost our whiskers but found our bark, we step into a magical sound world (a room filled with seal-like oohs and ahh’s) that oscillates between the imaginary and the real, in an exploration and re-discovery of the hidden parts of ourselves.

The title of the show “Sälskap” is a word play in Swedish between the words seal and companionship. It suggests how we accompany each other through perceptual questions around positioning ourselves and imagining new ways of being with one another.

Is it ok to change our minds?

How can we be more than one thing at a time?

Surfaces, friction, and currents are the foundations of the movement material and the play between the dancers, objects and sounds of this gently interactive performance, in which audience are invited to touch, relate to and sense the objects that inhabit the messy sensuality of this world.

Sindri Runudde is a dancer and choreographer based in Sweden. Their work is characterized by a multi-sensorial approach to the body as a living archive. Sindri invites artists and creators to their process to examine and problematize how we experience the world around us through our senses and our perception. A musical and auditive method and perspective is central. Sindris work spans over several fields and includes sound art, visual art and performance. They are educated in contemporary circus and dance, and have worked with companies and institutions as well as toured their own works both in Sweden and internationally.

Produced by Sindri Runudde, Nordberg Movement and Smart Coop. 
Co-produced by Norrlandsoperan, Dancenet Sweden and Dansinitiativet, with support from Swedish Arts Council.

Sindri Runudde & Márcio Kerber Canabarro

In collaboration with Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland.
The visit is supported by The Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation.

Arrival and accessibility information

Aurinkobaletti is located in Manilla (Itäinen Rantakatu 64) and entrance to the performance space happens via courtyard. The same door also has access to Tehdas Theatre. 

Physical accessibility

Parking is available at Manilla courtyard with parking card for people with disabilities. There’s an accessible route to the door – but please note that the asphalt embankment is located on a slope and is quite steep. Foyer and performance spaces are accessible with a wheelchair. 

The work includes a lot of visual information and can be followed without knowledge of English. 

The venue includes a seated audience and some spaces for wheelchairs. For wheelchair booking, please let us know beforehand, at least 5 days before the performance, contact person: Salla Karvonen,

All toilets at the venue are gender neutral. One of the toilets is accessible.

More information:
Salla Karvonen,