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Moe Mustafa (JO/PS/FI)

Moe Mustafa: Turbulence

Saturday 9.9. at 20:30
Venue: Vanha Viinatehdas, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64B, 20810 Turku
Arrival and accessibility information will be updated at the bottom of the page

Duration: 30mins + party
Pre-booking is possible, but tickets will also be available at the venue, 15 minutes before the performance. Pre-bookings here.

Evening party programme, starting 21:00, is available for all without reservations.

Turbulence is a sound installation/ live performance. It is an experimental sound art piece from the collection of the Topography soundscape of my queer body, where the artist explores different methods to present sound mixed with live art.

The Artist turns Vanha Viinatehdas (Old Liquor Factory) in Manilla Culture Factory into a body that vibrates, shakes, and disturbs the physicality of its existence.  The aim is to translate the emotion of alienation and isolation into the space by taking the inner and the outer sound of the environment and merging them into a composition. 

Moe Mustafa is a visual/sound artist and theatre maker based in Helsinki. He was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents and brought up in Amman-Jordan. Under the pseudonym Atheer Soot, he composes ambient music combined with experimental text reading and singing. In 2021, he also curated the music event Xosphere in collaboration with PUBLICS Helsinki.

Currently Mustafa is working on artistic sound research, titled The topography soundscape of my queer body. Visit here for Atheer Soot music: 

Arrival and accessibility information

Vanha Viinatehdas is located in Manila’s courtyard (Itäinen Rantakatu 64 B) and there is a free disabled parking space in the inner yard.

All the toilets as well as disabled toilet are located in the lobby and are gender-neutral.

The performance is an audio work that contains loud sounds. It is possible to leave in the middle of the performance if needed.

More information:
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