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Lotta Petronella & Gabriela Ariana (FI/CH/FI)

Lotta Petronella & Gabriela Ariana: Peeling an Onion 

Sunday 10.9. at 16:00
Venue: Elävän kulttuurin Koroinen ry / Kahvila Koroinen, Koroistentie 2, 20380 Turku (Catilluksentie)
Arrival and accessibility information at the bottom of the page

Duration: 3 h (16:00-19:00) 
Language: English

The performance requires pre-booking. Pre-booking here.

More information will be sent by post prior to the event. The work is based in audience participation and sharing.

Peeling an Onion is a collective and intimate space of dreaming, sharing and lamenting.  Onions help us to cry, to release, to pray. Onions have been used for thousands of years as food, medicine & protection. The etymology of the word is one & unity referring to the layers of an onion as part of something bigger.

Peeling an onion is a gathering of singing and gestures that are all connected to onions and collective ways of grieving. Grief as a form of resistance and nourishment. The gatherers are invited to join around the table to peel, sing and share.

Lotta Petronella is a filmmaker, artist and curator. She is co-founder of CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago and has worked with and on islands for nearly two decades. Since her internationally awarded film Själö – Island of Souls (2020), she has been leading a multidisciplinary collaborative research Själö Poeisis on the island of Seili. In addition to her filmmaking practice, Petronella is a devoted medicine maker.

Gabriela Ariana is a Chilean performance artist, educator and ancestral traditions holder. Gabriela works with dance, voice, drumming, trance and dreamwork. She has an earth-based worldview keeper and has developed an ecosomatic movement practice for two decades. Gabriela is trained as a choreographer and dancer and has had an international career in South America and Europe working within the contemporary and postmodern dance movement. Her current work is supported by TAIKE and the City of Espoo.

Together they run the podcast Little Screams and School of Questions.

Arrival and accessibility information


Entrance for Café Koroinen is not accessible, there are stairs at the front door. There are two gender neutral toilets at the venue, but no accessible toilets.

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