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gustaf broms (SE)

gustaf broms: untitled (worlds of becomings)

Thursday 9:00am – Saturday 9.9. at 01:00am
Venue: Eerikinkatu 17
Arrival and accessibility information will be updated at the bottom of the page

Duration: 40h
Installation is located in a public space, no reservations needed
This work is a durational work, which means that the audience can visit the installation any time during the opening hours, and come and go as they wish.

to find oneself in this ecosystem,

this process of becoming, “I” refers to as “my body”,

a structure made up of more non-human than human cells,

– Who speaks to Who from Where ?

as borders of skin becomes a crude simplification of how to

define a Being, a convenience of language,

or a question of who eats who?

In this porous existence,  environment becomes self,

self becomes environment.

…as consciousness permeates all of existence,

speaking of outside or inside the vehicle seems obsolete.

There is no there there!

gustaf broms (b. 1966, Sweden), works in the borderlands between performance, video and installation, engaged with the exploration of the nature of consciousness,

as manifested in the dualistic concepts of being NATURE (the biological process of body), and being MIND (as intellect interprets experience); investigating a language that transcends these cracks. He currently lives and works in the Vendel forest, exploring Being as a perforated reality.

The visit is supported by Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland. 

Thank you for support: Rausanne Oy and Hansakortteli.

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