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Every house has a door & Essi Kausalainen (USA/FI)

Every house has a door and Essi Kausalainen: The Fossil Record

Tuesday 5.9. at 18:00
Venue: Turku City Theatre, Pieni näyttämö, Itäinen Rantakatu 14, 20800 Turku
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Duration: 1hr
All participants are asked to pre-book a ticket. Pre-bookings here

Audience is welcome to join Biennale's opening event after the performance.

New Performance Turku Biennale programme opening performance The Fossil Record regards animals petrified. The renowned performance art group Every house has a door (USA) and Essi Kausalainen’s (FI) The Fossil Record is part of the multi-year performance project The Carnival of the Animals.

The project devises performance responses to movements of the 1886 musical suite for children of the same title by French Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns, engaging the evocative titles with endangered or extinct species in mind.

Performers include Chicagoans Elise Cowin, Kao Ra Zen, and Bryan Saner, and from Helsinki, clarinetist Julia Rima and youth performers Ahti Leppänen, Villa Ruscica, and Etna Ruscica. Essi Kausalainen’s signature textile designs provide settings and costumes as extraordinary body-habitats.

Director – Lin Hixson
Costumes and Textiles — Essi Kausalainen
Dramaturg and writer – Matthew Goulish
Producer and Manager – Sarah Skaggs
Technical Director – Christine Shallenberg
Performers and co-devisers – Elise Cowin, Kao Ra Zen, Matthew Goulish, Essi Kausalainen, Ahti Leppänen, Julia Rima, Villa Ruscica, Etna Ruscica, Bryan Saner

Lin Hixson, director, and Matthew Goulish, performer/dramaturg, formed Every house has a door in Chicago in 2008 to convene diverse, intergenerational, project-specific teams of specialists, including emerging as well as internationally recognized artists. Drawn to historically or critically neglected subjects, Every house creates performance works and performance-related projects in many media. 

Essi Kausalainen’s works operate through performance, textile, text, audio and video.  Collaborating with plants and fungi, artists, musicians, plant biologists and children, Kausalainen’s work approaches the body as an open-ended process made in, and shaped by, the complex relations with other beings, situations and environments. 

In collaboration with Turku City Theatre

Supported by Turku2029 Foundation

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