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Dash Che (FI/RU/USA)

Dash Che: M*otherland: stack of rules and a big collective feeling

Thursday 7.9. at 17:00
Sunday 10.9. at 12:00
Venue: The Children's Culture Center Seikkailupuisto (Adventure Park), 
Kupittaankatu 2, 20520 Turku
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Duration: 1hr 
All our events are free of charge. 
Pre-booking is possible, but tickets will also be available at the venue, 15 minutes before the performance. 
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As a post Soviet child of the 90s Russia Dash spent their days climbing abandoned construction sites as improvised playgrounds. The playgrounds of the post Soviet industrial town were metal and wood, rough, splintery and hard, dangerous and thrilling. As an adult Dash has visited and explored many more playgrounds fitting their body into swings, slides and merry-go-rounds, sensing how the body felt when entering and staying with the structures. Currently, Dash enters a Finnish playground with a question. They ask, how does a playground affect and shape the body who uses it and make it into a citizen of a specific nation? Is there a relationship between a playground and a patriotic body? In this work, Dash communes with two Turku neighboring playgrounds Seikkailupuisto and Liikennepuisto. The playing body stays alert, inserts itself into structures cavities, follows the rules, breaks the rules, gets bored, takes a pause, takes a posture. The performance work is a dreamy and fictional aftermath of researching the public playing sites and patriotism for almost a year.

Dash Che (they/them) is a queer Russian American dancer, performing, teaching and conceptual artist currently based in Finland. In their artistic work processes Dash gets aroused by affectual thinking and involved making. Dash has been working with the notion of a patriotic corporeality for the last year. They explore the questions of foreignness, desire to belong,ways of  inclusion and exclusion through choreographing bodies and objects, working with ready-mades and installations, and facilitating workshops. Dash’s work lingers at the border of eerie, subtle, humorous, aggressive, risky, and abstract.  Che has a strong background in DIY organizing and LGBTQ activism. 

Dash is a part of Mean Time Between Failures artistic duo entity together with the artist and archeologist Suvi Tuominen. Currently Mean Time Between Failures is beginning a 2-year artistic research called What Would Skomorokh Do?! with the support of the Kone Foundation. Dash holds an MA in Live Art and Performance Studies from Uniarts of Helsinki.




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