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Pre-booking possibility opened!

Photo: Maxime Berthou and Mark Pozlep

For part of the biennale programme, pre-booking is now possible. For most performances, tickets will be available from the door as well. Even if the pre-registration capacity would be full, tickets can be enquired from the door, 15 minutes before the performance. Only a few works require a pre-booking for all attendants and this is informed in the programme. For some works (for example the installations) no reservations are needed.

We are offering the pre-booking possibility for the ones wanting to secure their biennale week programme beforehand. On the other hand, we want to allow changes of direction, unexpected plans and adventures inside the biennale programme also during the week.

September 5-10th 2023, New Performance Turku Biennale presents works from over 20 international artists, artist groups and researchers. The biennale program consists of performances, installations, excursions, discussions, performance lectures and parties. The performances take place in various venues around the city of Turku: in theaters, museums, galleries, shops, streets, parks and community spaces but also special locations such as inside the tunnels of the Kakola Wastewater treatment plant and the Turku Harbour. The programme is free of charge and open to all.

The biennale program presents meaningful, critical, and playful ways of finding each other. It explores new ways of relating to sites, communities and the city of Turku’s history, dreams, and futures. The acute political and environmental challenges of our contemporary world are in focus of many of the works presented. For the six days in September, the biennale is building a temporary community that shares experiences and time together.

Pre-bookings can be found here (except the opening performance at the Turku City Theatre):

Opening performance on Tuesday 5.9. at 18:00: Every house has a door & Essi Kausalainen, Turku City Theatre (pre-booking required for all attendants):

Full programme and schedule of the biennale: