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OPEN CALL: Audience ambassadors!

Do you want to gain fresh perspectives into your local area?
Are you excited about having insight in the development of a performance art event?
Are you looking for new, unusual experiences?

New Performance Turku Biennale is looking for ten Audience Ambassadors to take part in the planning of international performance art biennale and its activities. The performance art biennale, organized for the first time in September 2023, brings together a wide spectrum of performance art works that aim to connect people, ideas, and sites in different ways, under the theme of Coming Together. As the biennale is deeply grounded in the city of Turku, its people and communities, we want to open up the possibility for the locals to attend the making of the event.

The ambassador can be anyone based in Turku or surrounding areas who is open minded, curious, wants to be part of an international art event taking place in their home town and bring their unique perspective in the production of the international performance art event. Previous experience with performance art or live art is not expected – we are hoping to gather a diverse group of ambassadors with various backgrounds of all genders, abilities, ages, cultures and professions. The language of the ambassador can be either Finnish or English.

As audience ambassador, you will participate in developing the biennale’s activities from the participant’s perspective, thinking together with the NPT biennale team. You are also offered an insider’s perspective to the biennale’s activities and artworks.The role includes taking part in the biennale programme and hosting sessions, journeys or groups of people – this will be further discussed and planned with each participant. Also other ways of engaging actively in the programme are possible. 

The ten ambassadors will form a peer group to work together as a team supporting each other. They will participate in two meetings before the biennale to develop audience-related activities, programming, discussions and parties, together with the biennale team. After the biennale, the group will gather to reflect and celebrate together with the NPT organizing team. The ambassadors’ reflections and insights will be key contributions for the future development of the biennale.

The Ambassador is expected to engage in two idea meetings (in May and in August), hosting an activity, session or journey during the biennale, and attending a reflecting event and final party.

Audience ambassador for the New Performance Turku Biennale is a voluntary position with a small compensation fee (200 €).

In addition to the Audience Ambassador roles, the traditional call for volunteers will be opened later in the Spring.

Open call until 20.4.2023. Selections will be made in the beginning of May by the New Performance Turku Biennale’s organizing team.

Apply for the Audience Ambassador’s position here!

More information: 
Lotta Valtanen, producer 

More info about the ambassador position will be provided by phone on: Tuesday 4.4. at 10:00-12:00 and Tuesday 11.4. at 10:00-12:00, phone +358 400 928 149 (Lotta Valtanen)


  • Info meeting 8.5.2023 at 17:00-19:00, Turku (space to be announced). 
  • Info meeting in early August (the meeting time will be decided together in the first info meeting).
  • New Performance Turku Biennale, implementation of the activity or ambassador tour/event 5.-10.9.2023. 
  • Party after the biennale and reflection (the meeting time will be decided together in the first info meeting).


New Performance Turku Biennale is a unique event showcasing the current streams and phenomena in performance art and Live Art. The first New Performance Turku Biennale will be held in September, 5.-10.9.2023, introducing works from over 20 international artists and artist groups. In addition the biennale program consists of discussions, performance lectures and parties. The performances take place in various venues around the city of Turku: in theaters, museums, galleries, shops, streets, parks and community spaces.

The renowned New Performance Turku Festival has been developing means of production and audience in the field of performance art during its 10-year history. The New Performance Turku Biennale will continue the work and aspires to develop the goals of social, economical and environmental sustainability in the long term even further.