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New Performance Turku Festival 2015 brought up socially relevant questions and debates on art, science and society. The festival programe also included collaborations and joint works by performance artists and researches in the Floating Platforms project. The fourth consecutive festival included works by 19 artists and artist groups from Finland and abroad.

Festival artists and performances offered multiple viewpoints on topical and current themes. The central themes rising among the festival’s this year’s works this year w The programme included also discussions and seminar opening up new dialogue about the performances and performance art. Audience discussions enabled different kind of dialogues about the performance experiences with other participants and festival artists.

Artists and works:

Joshua Sofaer (UK): Embarrassment: A bare-buttocked lecture
Lynn Lu (SIN/UK)
French & Mottershead (UK): Afterlife (Woodland)
Annika Tudeer (FI): Annika does Swanlake
Antti Laitinen (FI): Armour
Antti-Juhani Manninen (FI): Limp I & II
Marcio Carvalho (PT/GE): A Meeting in Turku in 2015
Anaïs Héraud (GE): Ritounelle
Kurt Johannessen (NO):
Leena Kela (FI)
Ray Langenbach (USA): Habeas Corpus
ieke Trinks (NL): The Variety Show
Showcase Turku: MSL (FI), Videokaffe (FI/GE/USA), Maija Reeta Raumanni (FI), Venla Luoma & Armas Suomi(FI), Jonimatti Joutsijärvi (FI)
Nadija Mustapic & Toni Mestrovicin: A Waiting Room for People, Machines and the City
Performance Voyage V: Domestic