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Minerva Juolahti (FI)

Minerva Juolahti is a visual artist and performance maker working in the intersection of body, sound, and space. Juolahti is interested in how the ideas of space and movement can be approached through the idea of translation, as well as voice and noise as embodied and conceptual phenomenon.

Maria Kananen (FI)

Maria Kananen is an Espoo based freelance dance artist and a member of the artist group FREEcollective. Maria’s goal is to create and bring dance art to a variety of settings and to promote holistic well-being through creative movement and dance among people of all ages.

Antti Laitinen (FI)

Antti Laitinen (b. 1975) is a Finnish artist with a background in visual arts whose works often combine installation and performance art. His performance installation Armour was part of New Performance Turku Festival 2015.

Tuija Lappalainen (FI)

Tuija Lappalainen is a freelance dance artist who works as a dancer, actress and choreographer. She has worked as a performer and choreographer in several productions in the field of dance and theater, and has done her own works as a choreographer in Finland and Germany.

Timo Viialainen (FI)

Timo Viialainen works in the fields of visual art, performance art and sound art. Though most part of his work has been live performances his contemporary work usually takes its shape in conceptual sculptures that often have some activating element in relation to the viewer.


New Performance Turku Festival 2020 looked into questions around mobilities and movement in a historically exceptional period of time. The festival’s invited performance works around the theme MOBILITIES approached, re-thought and unlearned questions on international mobility.


What kinds of new futures can we envision, dream and imagine as our worldview is currently in a dramatic process of evolving and changing? The festival aimed in looking at multiple futures from the point of view of performance art – and what kind of means and visions we have to understand and create our possible futures.


The festival’s POST POST POST theme comments the fractures and changes in our current world view. The artists were invited to address different post- and post-post-eras currently surrounding us. Is it possible to use performance art and embodied knowledge to explain and to experience the transitional shifts around us?


The festival showcased 21 artists and artists groups around the world with thought-provoking, political works on themes such as history of homosexuality, migration and politics of education and the cityspace.The festival gathered thousands of people to experience performance art and live art in its all forms.


The fifth annual New Performance Turku Festival, the international festival for performance and live art, succeed to fill the expectations of the audience and the organizers. 2,500 visitors enjoyed the performances, installations, seminars and discussions around Turku’s urban city space, performance spaces and galleries during the five festival days.


New Performance Turku Festival 2015 brought up socially relevant questions and debates on art, science and society. The festival programe also included collaborations and joint works by performance artists and researches in the Floating Platforms project.


The festival presented top international performance artists and represented diversity in performance and live art, giving new perspectives on life, art and the city environment. The performances were seen and experienced in and around Turku region, in galleries, theatres and the public space.