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Tytti Arola (FI)

Tytti Arola: Hälytyskellot

Saturday 4.9. 19:00
Outdoor performance between Auransilta and Kirjastonsilta in Turku

This piece invites the audience to join in it and you can sign up for it here!
Capacity is 150 people with proper safety distances.
Kindly arrive 30 minutes before the starting time.

We highly recommend that the audience wears a mask in all our events.

Hälytyskellot is a sound piece that spreads to the riverbank. The piece researches how to survive together, how to be touched and how to be heard. In the work, a group of people forms a long chain by holding two-meter ropes with jingle bells attached to them. The sound of a single jingle bell might be quiet, but when hundreds of jingle bells are heard at the same time, the sound multiplies and is heard. The work invites the audience to take part in performing an experimental composition and to participate in a silent and jingling demonstration.

Tytti Arola is a composer and sound artist who is interested in bringing daily life to concert venues, doing multisensorial compositions and exploring spatial sound. Lately Arola has been drawn towards performance, participatory art and instrument building. Her oeuvre has been performed widely in different kinds of festivals for example in Helsinki Festival, Tampere Biennale, Nordic Music Days and Flow Festival.

Hälytyskellot is part of Turku2021 – 10 years from the European Capital of Culture anniversary. The work is supported by Turku2029 Foundation.