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Maria Kananen (FI)

Maria Kananen: Kehokätköilyä

Control points are open 3.9.2021 12:00 – 5.9.2021 18:00.
The locations of the control points will be published on September 3, 2021 at 12 AM on the website:
You can also explore the tasks from home using the links at the end of the map page.

Please note that walking tours have been canceled due to illness! All the control points are open the whole festival weekend in which you can participate independently.

FRIDAY 3.9.16:00 (10 person)
Duration approx. 1,5 h, walking length approx. 1,5 km
The start and end point for the walk is Föri, the pier on Itäinen rantakatu. Gathering on the side of Wanha Rahtilaiva.

SATURDAY 4.9. 8:30 (10 person)
Duration approx 3 hours, walking length approx 3 km.
The walk starts in Täkkiaukio and ends in Kakolanmäki. Take a bottle of water and a small snack with you if you want. A short toilet break is held halfway through the route.

SATURDAY 4 September 14:00 (6 families)
Duration approx. 1.5 hours, walking length approx 0.5 km.
The start and end point for the walk is a pergola at the intersection of Tuhtopolku and Kaarle Knuutinpojan rantatie. See the exact location with plus code C6HM+W2 Turku.

SATURDAY 4.9. 20:30 (10 person)
Duration approx. 1.5 hours, walking length approx. 1 km
The walk begins from the square in the front of As Oy Turun Paraatiranta. See the exact location with the plus code C6PQ+FP Turku. The walk ends at Erik Pommerilaisen Ranta.

Kehokätköilyä community dance piece invites people of all ages both together and individually to pause for listening, presence and bodily experience.

The work is constructed from six QR codes placed in an urban space. The exercises on these control points lead participants to move and enjoy the urban environment and green spaces in a deeper way.

The exercises can also be explored during the festival in the form of guided walks together with dance artist Maria Kananen.

The locations of the QR control points in Turku will be published closer to the festival. The exercises can also be accessed from home by using links at the end of the map page.

Kehokätköilyä was first realised in Rauma in July 2021 in cooperation with RaumArs ry, City of Rauma and Regional Dance Center in Western Finland.

Maria Kananen is an Espoo based freelance dance artist and a member of the artist group FREEcollective. Maria’s goal is to create and bring dance art to a variety of settings and to promote holistic well-being through creative movement and dance among people of all ages.

Maria has been extensively active in the domestic dance field since 2000 in the diverse positions of dancer, choreographer, director, producer and event organizer. Besides acting in the field of dance, Maria has acquired competence in the fields of Dance Movement Therapy, music and art therapy, and occupational therapy.

“My art is created by interacting with various people and environments. My role as an artist may be, for example, enabling some particular thing to come to fruition, a different way of experiencing or being for groups and individuals. At the centre of my interests are the communal forms of dance art making, as well as improvisation, the powerful and delicate art of presence and interaction.”