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NPT & Friends: Maija Hirvanen & Leena Kela

Maija Hirvanen: Pushing Score

New Performance Turku Festival 10th anniversary week’s NPT & Friends discussions are coming to an end. The final part of the dialogue series is a discussion between festival’s artist Maija Hirvanen and festival’s artistic director Leena Kela. In the audio recording Maija and Leena are talking about artistic process, artistic work, lecture performance and more-than-human performance. The dialogue is a counterpart to Maija Hirvanen’s performance lecture Pushing Score: Pushing Score – Performance Practices in a More-Than-Human Crowd, that will be presented at the New Performance Turku Festival 2021 programme.

The audio dialogue can be listened until September 12th 2021.

Key words: artistic process, artistic work, lecture performance, more-than-human performance