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New Performance Turku Festival: POST-POST-POST

The year 2018 festival focused around the theme of POST POST POST. New Performance Turku Festival artists were invited to address different post- and post-post-eras currently surrounding us: postcolonialism, posthumanism and postfeminism.

The festival’s POST POST POST theme commented the big changes and fractures in our current world view. Historically biased and oppressive conceptions towards different groups of people, nations and nature, are slowly – finally – making room for new kinds of thoughts. Is it possible to use performance art and embodied knowledge to explain and to experience the transitional shifts around us?

The festival also included a large international project History will be kind to me, for I intend to perform it -project that examined decolonisation and performative ways knowledge is embodied and performed. The project was organized in collaboration with PALS Festival in Stockholm and PAB Festival in Bergen, and project partners included RAVY Biennale from Cameroon as well as Savvy Contemporary from Berlin.

TEHDAS Teatteri, Pro Manillasäätiö, Läntinen Tanssin aluekeskus, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Saaristomeren Melojat, PALS Performance Art Links Stockholm, PAB Performance Art Bergen, RAVY Biennale

Kulturkontakt Nord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Turun kaupunki/The city of Turku, Svenska

Artists and works:

Maryan Abdulkarim (FI): How do we deconstruct the imbalance of power
Liisa Jaakonaho (FI) & Kristina Junttila (FI/NO): Post-Sense Room
Rob La Frenais (UK/FR): Close to the Water
Christopher Wessels (FI/SA): Liturgy for the Converted II
Hanna Saarikoski (FI): C
Christian Etongo (CM): What’s Love V
Mekdes W. Shebeta (NO): Drop to fetch the top
Gøril Wallin (NO): The stone contains the story III
Silja Eriksson & Sami Juhani Rekola (FI): The Shop
Serge Olivier Fokoua (CA/CM): What’s for dinner?
Kid Kokko & Markus Linden (FI): Fragile Structures pt 1: A Humming
Viljami Nissi (FI): Emotional Karaoke
Juha Valkeapää & Juhani Liimatainen (FI): Bird Concert
Petra Laiti: Dáppe gozán mun
Anthea Moys (SA): Just Follow These Instructions And You Will Be Fine (on the night)
Sasha Huber (FI/CH/HT): Stripped Down to the Bones
mirko nikolic (SWE) & Elin Már Øyen Vister (NO): Let us rock! – Sounding and movement – mother earth’s children respond to extractivism

+ D e e p b o x x DJ’s


Elias Björn (SWE)
Nathalie Mba Bikoro (GE)
Valeria Montti Colque (SWE)
Kirsty Kross (AUS/NO)
Gitte Saetre (NO)
Maryan Abdulkarim (FI)
Christian Etongo (CM)
Mekdes W. Shebeta (NO)
Gøril Wallin (NO)
Serge Olivier Fokoua (CA/CM)
Diana Soria Hernandez (FI/CH)
Anthea Moys (SA)
Sasha Huber (FI/CH/HT)
Marcio Carvalho 

History Will Be Kind to Me for I Intend to Perform It -project examines performative and collaborative ways knowledge is embodied and performed. It is a collaborative project with New Performance Turku Festival, Performance Art Links /Fylkingen Stockholm, Performance Art Bergen and RAVY Biennial, initiated by the artists and curators Márcio Carvalho and Leena Kela. It consists of artist residencies, performances, talks and symposiums taking place in 2018 in Turku, Stockholm and Bergen. Artists and thinkers traveled and performed in the Nordic countries, ultimately developing a series of up to 24 performances as exercises to demythologize and decolonize knowledge and its hegemonic singularity.

Can artistic performative processes challenge the dominating historical narratives?

The project title History Will Be Kind to Me for I Intend to Perfom It comes from Winston Churchill’s quote “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”. This quote reveals how the complex layers and events of the past have been reduced to dominant, one-sided narratives – for the benefit of the ones who have the power to create it. The project finds it crucial to replace “to write it” with “to perform it” to be able to re-analyze knowledge formations and meaning makings with the body in performance. History Will Be Kind to Me for I Intend to Perfom It will rely on the body as a site of discourse and will use performance as a tool to exercise counter-knowings and perform and embody forms of individual and collective remembrance.

Project schedule:

Residency week in Turku, Finland 27.8.-2.9.2018
Performances in Stockholm, Sweden: PALS Festival 6.-9.9.2018
Performances in Bergen, Norway: Performance Art Bergen 14.-16.9.2018
Performances in Turku, Finland: New Performance Turku Festival 21.-23.9.2018

The project is funded by Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Nordisk Kulturfond & Arts Promotion Centre Finland

In collaboration with SAVVY Contemporary Berlin & RAVY Biennale Cameroon