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New Performance Turku Festival 2017, organized in Turku October 6-8th for the fifth time, showcased 21 artists and artists groups around the world with thought-provoking, political works. The festival gathered almost 6000 people to experience performance art and live art in its all forms. The festival wouldn’t have been possible without our collaborators: TEHDAS Teatteri, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Titanik-gallery, Regional Centre of Dance (Southeast Finland), Arts Promotion Centre Finland and many more. The festival was free of charge and open for everyone.

The year 2017 festival themes were brought up with openly political works but at the same time focusing in the individual’s experiences such as history of homosexuality, migration and politics of education and the cityspace.

Artists and works:

AKU – Visual Acupuncture (FI/GE): Feet
Analco Project (FI/CH): Nomadic screenings of video/performance
Denis Romanovski (PL/SWE): Russian Salad
Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FI): Teknomuskari
Fake is fabulous inc. (FI/AT): Cruising Utopia
Hiroko Tsuchimoto (SWE/JP): “Grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else”
Ignacio Pérez Pérez: Social artist in residency
Irma Optimist (FI): Durational Reactive Action
Jani Petteri Virta (FI)
John Court (FI/UK): ABOAUT
Kurt Johannessen (NO): The Eighth Investigation
Maija Hirvanen (FI): Art and Love
Pilvi Porkola (FI): The Nomad Library
Rachel Echenberg (CA): Untitled
Sandrina Lindgren (SWE) & Antti Tolvi (FI): Household Dance Protocol
Scottee (UK): Go F*ck Yourself
Serge Olivier Fokoua (CA/CM): Let’s Save Our National Triangle
Tero Nauha (FI): An Advent of Performance
Tomasz Szrama (PL/FI): Walk
Victoria Stanton (CA): Canadian Silence
Performance Voyage 7: Protest Songs

+ NEW PERFORMANCE NIGHTS: RIOT (Jari Tamminen (Kulttuurihäiriköt) / Hiroko Tsuchimoto / Denis Romanovski / Koo Trip / Scottee GO F**K YOURSELF – workshop performances)
+ How To Do Things With Performance -seminar (Annette Arlander / Hanna Järvinen / Tero Nauha / Pilvi Porkola)
+ Tunteet, teksti ja hiljaisuus – työpaja (Hanna Dufva & Imbi Paju)