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New Performance Turku Festival 2016

The fifth annual New Performance Turku Festival, the international festival for performance and live art, succeed to fill the expectations of the audience and the organizers. 2,500 visitors enjoyed the performances, installations, seminars and discussions around Turku’s urban city space, performance spaces and galleries during the five festival days. The event gathered together both regular and new audiences in to sold out performance spaces.

The festival’s diverse and board program received many praises. Festival’s artist’s came all around the world including Chile, New Zealand and Japan and the performance spaces included Vartiovuori Park, Föri, Turku Castle, Topelius Highschool’s courtyard and Turku Swimming Hall.

”The success of our festival makes us extremely happy, especially as it seems to reach new audience constantly”, says the festival’s artistic co-director Leena Kela. ”This year we can truly announce that performance art is a phenomena in Turku.”

The festival’s focus continues to be on the new phenomena of performance and live art, as well as showcasing an international set of performances to the Turku city space.

Taiteilijat ja teokset:

John Court (FI/UK): Untitled
Seiji Shimoda (JP): New Performance
Mark Harvey (AU): House Call
Kira O’Reilly (UK): I came to the sea and I was scared, my heart is broken
Alejandra Herrera Silva (CH): The Waters
Alexander del Re (CH): Phobia #99/166
Senoritaugarte (CH): Maternidad(es) intercambio / Exchange of Maternity(ies)
Cristóbal Yáñez Lanzarini (CH): The Brain
Juha Valkeapää (FI): A Guy and a Wooden Guy
Pilvi Porkola (FI): Until We Come Together
Leena Kela (FI): Alphabet of Performance Art
Jay Mar Albaos (FIL) & Jolijn de Wolf (NL): The Mythology Institute
Jenny Suhonen (FI): Performance About Responsibility
Harriet Rabe (GE). For the Birds
Petros Konnaris (CY): Nakedness is
Antonín Brinda (CZ): The Ferry
Márcio Carvalho (PT/GE): Meeting in Turku in 2016
Antti-Juhani Manninen (FI): Social Artist in Residency
AKU (Heini Aho & Sebastian Ziegler) (FI/GE): Visual Acupuncture
Fake is fabulous inc. (Jürgen Bogle) (FI/AT): Bosom Ballet
Marko Laihinen & Leena Ritva Koskinen: Halokehrät
Sandrina Lindgren: The Olympic Shames
Virpi Vairinen (FI): This must be the place
Performance Voyage VI (MUU): Future/Tomorrow

+ Daily Open Classroom by MAECP: MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance
+ Seminar: Site-Specific Performance and the City (Antoine Pickels, Annette Arlander, Kira O’Reilly, John Court, Juha Valkeapää, Riina Lundman, Kris van’t Hof, in collaboration with Turku Arts Academy)
+ IPIP: In Public, In Particular – Performanssi-interventioita. Yhteistyössä Turun Taideakatemia ja Turun Klassillinen lukio
+ Retrospective Exhibition: 5 years of New Performance Turku Festival
+ Coffee with the curators: Seiji Shimoda (NIPAF, Japan), Antoine Pickels (SIGNAL, Belgium), Alexander del Re (Perfolink, Chile) Leena Kela & Christopher Hewitt (New Performance Turku Festival)
+ NEW PERFORMANCE CHILE NIGHT (Cristóbal Yáñez Lanzarini: Back to the Tree / Señoritaugarte: El grito decolonial / Alexander del Re: Phobia # 131/367 +DJ Nallebjörn)